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Portland School of Tai Chi Chuan


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Enhance your life experience by stepping into the incomparable world of Tai Chi - learning how to fly from deep inside your essential nature. Discover the skillful movements and psychology of this ancient art that bring flow, ease and grace to life. Begin a long-term investment in healthy, self supportive being. Learn, play and practice with other like-minded people.


Current Curriculum 

We offer the Yang form (37 moves) of Tai Chi Chuan, as modified by Master Cheng Man-Ching.  The international non-profit Tai Chi Foundation is our parent organization ( We also teach 8 Ways, Roots and Branches Qi Gong, and meditation. New 10-session classes begin in January 2023.  Currently, classes are on Zoom.

December 2022 offerings:

A.  As a gift to our current and former students, we are offering FREE Zoom Tai Chi practice sessions and instruction in Roots and Branches Qi Gong at 10 AM PT on the following dates:  

         December 3, 10, 17, 31. 

B.  We welcome other interested people to attend the free sessions to observe the Tai Chi practice and to begin learning our Qi Gong.  

  • As an Oregon nonprofit organization, we appreciate donations.

  • Register in advance for this meeting:

January 2023 Offerings:  

We will initiate new Tai Chi Chuan classes; dates to be announced. Email if interested:


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Meet Our Staff

Patrik, Maureen, and A.J.


“Tai Chi is my dependable best friend for maintaining health and balance.  After 50 years of teaching and practicing, I understand and appreciate the unity of body/mind/spirit."

“I love the powerful, yet gentle way Tai Chi leads me to deal with stress through relaxation and meditative-like movements.  As a naturopathic doctor, I receive tremendous physical, emotional and mental health benefits, including improved balance, mood, and energy flow."

“Tai Chi continues to be a go-to source for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support in my life.  And transmitting those gifts to our students makes me very happy."

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Tai Chi Benefits

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese exercise that promotes health and well-being.  As you move through a series of postures at a slow and even pace, your body relaxes and your mind and emotions become calm. Tai Chi is gentle enough for anyone to enjoy, no matter the age. Practicing Tai Chi increases circulation, improves balance and posture, reduces stress, and increases vitality.  It combines meditation, movement and breath awareness.   Tai Chi is both a cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercise.



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