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History of The Tai 
Chi Foundation

Our international school, The Tai Chi Foundation:  In 1970 Patrick Watson, senior student of Grand Master Cheng Man Ching, who brought Tai Chi to the west, established the School of Tai Chi Chuan.  It now has trained over 200 teachers in 30 teaching locations in 7 countries.  Our Roots and Branches QiGong and the Eight Ways deepen the experience of the self and the spirit.  You will go home from the first class with enough embodiment to practice on your own. Distinctive features of our school are Team Teaching, which facilitates rapid understanding and easy learning, and an apprentice teacher training program.  Patrik Donahue and AJ Allen brought our branch to Portland Oregon in 1988 where classes have been taught regularly since then.
Our classes are 100% inclusive, welcoming all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

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